Welcome dear friend to this web, who tries to exlpane and show what "means" Es Picot. Es Picot is more than a finca, we will not be abble to explane exactly what you will find if finally decide to visit us, but we will try to do our best. The idea "Agroturisme Es Picot " borns in 1997, when we, family Roig-Sastre, think about sale the finca, because we where tired to waste money month by month, and not to receive nothing for that. But after asking the pillow, we find really what Es Picot was giving us month by month. It give us relax, quiteness, very beautiful views, health, ok, nothing material, but what is more important than business?

It makes us to decide starting with the rebuilding of the 1851 year house, and starting the "Agroturisme Es Picot" project.

3 and half years after the idea starts to work, we receive our first guest/friend on August-2000, and we have not stoped receiving friends untill then.The project, of course, is still at first step, and I think it will never end, the stair is so high!!!, allways there is something new to do!!! During 2000, I (Andreu) get married with Dolors who is part important of our lifes, and actually we have 2 kids: Mercè who was born in 2005 and Andreu born in 2008, are not them pretty?

Andreu Roig, January 2015

    Featured Rooms

    J.S. Es Sotil

    Es Colomer

    Es Sostre


    The former rooms and dependences of the animals have been converted into five nice double rooms  all with bath, and One Apartment. (With two double rooms).

    Mallorca terrace Mirador de l'Alba at Es Picot property 

    At Es Picot, the warm days of summer, you will be able to enjoy refreshing yourself in our wide swimming pool, doing barbecues and enjoy the stars you can relax in the individual terraces, or also to converse with other visitors in the wide terrace el Mirador de l’Alba in which during the warm summer days we offer a fantastic breakfast made with products from our own farm.


    In Hotel-Rural Es Picot, the warm days of summer, you will be able to enjoy refreshing yourself in our wide swimming pool.
    Enjoy swiming on the warm nights of Summer at Es Picot
    But if you prefer coming to enjoy your vacations in winter, you do not have to be worried, the property has heating in all its dependences, as well as of chimney in the dining room, and a barbecue.

    Hotel Amenities

    Air Conditioner
    Swiming Pool
    Great views from the sea to the mountains
    Natural Beaches at 5 kilometers
    Vall d'Or Golf at 15 minutes
    Central Heating
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